Registration stages of a “.ma” domain name

  • Choose a name

A domain name must be unique. To make sure that the domain name you want to register is still available, check it in the area of the right column on each page of our website. Domain names must meet certain syntactic constraints(*)

  • Choose a Registrar

The commercialization of “.ma” domain names is handled exclusively by registrars. Once the domain name chosen, contact one of the registrars in the registrars list .

  • Read carefully the registration and management conditions of “.ma” Domain Names

The registration of a “.ma” domain name implies your acceptance of the registration conditions. The registrar you choose should give you these conditions when registering your domain name, either for formal signature or explicit agreement during the registration (online). He will give you a domain name registration contract.

  • Communicate the necessary information to the Registrar

The Registrar will need the following information :

  • Name of the person or the organization in whose name the domain name will be registered, and his/its valid telephone number and mailing and e-mail addresses.
  • Full name of the person representing the administrative contact, and his valid telephone number and mailing and e-mail addresses.
  • Full name of the person representing the technical contact, and his valid telephone number and mailing and e-mail addresses.

A valid e-mail address is very important. It is our primary mean of direct communication with you, the Registrant, more often, it is used to send you the authorization code of your domain name.

Attention, it is important to know in advance who the Domain Name Registrant is : the natural person or the organization.

  • Activation by ANRT

Your registrar transmits your request to the Agency. The domain name is automatically registered and immediately activated, if it does not require, prior validation of ANRT , for the annual period you requested (from 1 to 5 years).

If the domain name requires prior approval of ANRT , it is registered and remains pending the activation until the conditions of registration are met. If these conditions are not united after the validation period (5 days), your application for registration will be deleted and the domain name will become available again for registration.

The Registrar receives a confirmation of activation of the domain name or the removal of the application for registration.

A clerical error in the domain name cannot be corrected; the Registrar shall, in this case, register again the domain name «correct».

  • Check on WHOIS

Once registered, your domain name is listed directly in the WHOIS database. You can access this data to ensure that you are the Registrant of the domain name.

Prior validation of ANRT

It is possible that the domain name you want to register requires a preliminary screening by ANRT before activation. These include the following cases :

  • The requested domain name is confusing, involves or is identical to a term included in the list of reserved terms ;
  • The domain name is requested under one of the. Le nom de domaine est demandé sous l’une des descriptive extensions « », « » ou « ».

You must then provide to your registrar any element demonstrating your right to the domain name requested, within a maximum period of five days from the date of filing your application for registration.

ANRT reviews the information provided by your registrar and decides on its activation or deletion.

ANRT communicates its decision to the registrar within five days, except in cases where ANRT needs an external advice.