How to file a complaint with ANRT?

You can file a complaint with ANRT against a registrar or relating to a domain name. Here are some cases :

  • You contest the registration of a domain name relating to a term in the list of reserved terms, considering that it is rightfully yours;
  • You contest the name of the Registrant of a domain name as it is in the “WHOIS” service, and you can prove that you carried out the registration of the domain name.

How to report a problem with a «.ma» domain name?

If you find out that :

  • Whois data published for a “.ma” domain name is inaccurate or incorrect.
  • A « .ma » domain name is related to :
    • illegal or fraudulent actions;
    • the registration of domain names in order to resell them to the rightful owner, impairing their visibility or taking advantage of their reputation.
    • The registration of domain names in order to set them aside to take advantage directly or indirectly.
  • The content of a website whose name corresponds to a «.ma» domain name :
    • Is unlawful or contrary to morals and good customs
    • Affects national security, public order or religion.
    • Is racist.

You can report it to the ANRT here.

How to file a petition with ANRT?

For any other problem or inquiry concerning «.ma» domain names, you can file here a petition with ANRT.