Register a « .ma » domain name
Who can register and use a « .ma » domain name?
Any natural or legal person may submit, to a registrar, an application for registration of a « .ma » domain name, in respect with the applying regulations, including the naming decision.
Each domain name is unique and can be registered only once. If the name you want to register is already taken, you will need to get another one.
I chose a « .ma » domain name, how to check that it is not already registered?
To check that the domain name you’ve chosen is not already registered, please consult Whois service.
What are the checks to be carried out before I proceed to the registration of a « .ma » domain name?
Before registering your « .ma » domain name with your registrar, make sure that the chosen name :

  • Is free through the Whois search service.
  • Does not include terms that could undermine national security or public order or be contrary to morals and good customs, just like it does not affect religion, language, culture, political opinions, and does not contain racist terms.
  • Respects the syntactic constraints.
How many « .ma » domain names can I register?
There is no limit to the number of « .ma » domain names you can register, and this, subject to comply with the provisions of the naming decision .
How much costs the registration of a « .ma » domain name?
Prices relating to the commercialization of « .ma » domain names are freely determined by registrars in accordance with the conditions of fair competition.
Speak directly to a registrar to know the prices.
What are the steps to complete in order to register a « .ma » domain name?
The steps are defined in the registration procedure.
Can I register my « .ma » domain name directly with ANRT?
No, the registration of a « .ma » domain name is not made directly with ANRT but with one of the « .ma » registrars registered with ANRT.
Can ANRT advise me on the choice of a registrar?
No, because ANRT has a duty of neutrality with respect to registered registrars. The list of « .ma » registrars is published by ANRT in alphabetical order.
What is the maximum delay for the registration of a « .ma » domain name?
The applications for registration are processed according to the principle of “first come, first served”. The maximum delay for processing an application for registration of a domain name, that does not require the preliminary screening of ANRT, does not exceed one day.

Whois Information

Who is the Registrant of a «.ma » domain name?
You can search on Whois to get the contact details of a Registrant of a domain name.
The Registrant of a domain name may be a natural person or a legal entity (administration, company, association, etc.).
How to be reassured that a domain name is registered in my name?
Make sure your name is in Whois for the domain name in question. You can also request a Registration Certificate to your registrar.
Can I get a list of all the registered «.ma » domain names?
Why do some « .ma » domain names display UNKNOWN in Whois?
Domain names registered before the entry into force of the naming decision are migrated to the Registry. Domain names for which the Registrar and the Registrant are not identified are provisionally registered with ANRT and are published in Whois with the name of the Registrar and contact details “unknown.”
If you are the Registrant of the one of these domain names, please contact ANRT.
«.ma » domain name after registration
What is the authorization code? And what is its purpose?
The Authorization Code is a confidential code associated with each domain name. It is created during the registration of the latter and can be changed by the registrar. At any time, and at the request of the Registrant, the registrar is required to provide it, within three days.
The authorization code is used to facilitate and secure the change of registrars.
Can I transfer or sell my domain name to someone else?
You can transfer your domain name to a third party, through the voluntary transfer procedure. However, you cannot sell your domain name.
What is the cancellation grace period?
It is a thirty-day safety period during which the request for cancelation of a domain name is reversible, which means that you can restore it. It is only at the end of this period that the cancelled domain name is permanently deleted from the registration system. It thus becomes available for registration by a new applicant.
Does the cancellation grace period apply in the case of a removal by ANRT?
No, when ANRT removes a domain name in accordance with the provisions of the naming decision , this removal is immediate.
My domain name is blocked, what does that mean?
Your domain has been blocked by ANRT for one of the reasons set out in the naming decision . This blocking is the disabling or removal of the said domain name from the DNS server of the « .ma » zone, resulting in the non-operation of services relating to your domain name, including the website and e-mail. A blocked domain name is still available in Whois, but your registrar may not make any changes there.
Can ANRT transfer my « .ma » domain name to another person?
Yes, ANRT may transfer your domain name to another person, in the following cases :

  • For the execution of a court decision ordering the transfer of your domain name.
  • For the execution of a decision taken pursuant to
    alternative dispute resolution procedure.
  • For the application of ANRT’s decision following receipt of a complaint relating to the transfer of your domain name.
Can ANRT block my « .ma » domain name?
Yes, ANRT may block your domain name, especially in the following cases :

  • To maintain the good working order and the stability of the Registry;
  • To apply the regulations in force;
  • If your domain name is confusing, involves or is identical to a term included in the list of reserved terms, and you did not demonstrate your right in this domain;
  • If your data included in the Registry are inaccurate or incorrect;
  • If your domain name is linked :
    • to illegal or fraudulent actions
    • to a content deemed illegal and contrary to morality and decency or infringing national security, public order and religion
    • to a racist content
  • If you try to sell your domain name to its entitled person, impair its visibility or to take advantage of its reputation;
  • If you reserve several domain names in order to benefit from them directly or indirectly;
Can ANRT delete my « .ma » domain name?
Yes, ANRT may delete your domain name, if notified by the competent authorities that your domain name infringes the security or public order or is contrary to morality and accepted standards of behavior.
Your wil be notified by your registrar.
Settle disputes
Does the fact of having a protected trademark in Morocco means that the corresponding domain name is automatically protected in my name?
No, you should definitely register the domain name corresponding to your trademark. However, if the domain is already registered, you can use the Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure .

The “Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure” is an alternative way available to those who consider that a third party infringed their rights by filing a domain name corresponding to a protected trademark in Morocco.

In which cases can I use the Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure?
You can use the ADRP when the « .ma » domain name subject of dispute relates to a trademark, trade name or service trademark that you protected in Morocco.