Welcome to the official website of the “.ma” Domain, the national extension defining the root Internet domain reserved to the Kingdom of Morocco.

The “.ma” Domain is part of the list of “National Top Level Domains” or « Country Code Top Level Domain » (CCTLD), as defined by ISO-3166.

The “.ma” Domain is administered and managed by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) since its re-delegation by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in 2006.

ANRT provides the administrative, technical and commercial management of “.ma” Domain Names, in accordance with law 24-96 relating to the postal service and telecommunications of August 7, 1997, as amended and supplemented by the law 29-06of April 17, 2007. It is in charge of the following key tasks :

  • The definition of the regulation governing the management of the national “.ma” domain and the monitoring of its implementation;
  • The establishment of administrative and technical management rules, under transparent and non-discriminatory conditions;
  • The establishment of technical specifications necessary for the technical management of the “.ma” domain meeting the needs of all users and providers, and facilitating the registration of new domain names;
  • The representation of the “.ma” domain in international bodies;
  • The protection of end users against the misuse of “.ma” domain names;
  • The establishment of rules governing the management of conflicts over the use of “.ma” domain names;
  • The guarantee of the continuity of registration services for “.ma” domain names.

The registration and management tool for the “.ma” domain names, The ANRT provides to registrars is in line with international best practices.