Administrative Contact

It is a natural person designated by the Registrant to manage his domain name. The administrative contact must be established in Morocco, and must have a valid postal address and an e-mail address that have to be given to the registrar and will be used in official communications between ANRT and the Registrant.

Alternative dispute resolution procedure

Set of procedures adopted and implemented by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the settlement of disputes relating to “.ma” Internet domain names concerning protected trademarks, trade names or service trademarks in Morocco.


National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT). It is the public institution responsible for the control and regulation of the telecommunications sector. The Agency is a public body instituted by the head of Government. It is endorsed with legal personality and financial autonomy. see www.anrt.ma.


Any natural or legal person who has submitted, to a registrar, an application for registration of a «.ma » domain name.

ASCII domain name

Domain name composed entirely of the following ASCII characters (American Standard Code for Information Interchange): the unaccented Roman letters(AZ), the Latin numbers (0-9) and the hyphen (-).

Authorization Code

Confidential code generated and stored in the registry, assigned to every registered domain name.

Cancellation grace period

Grace period of thirty (30) days reserved for any cancelled domain name. The latter can be re-registered during that period, by the registrar at the request of the Registrant.


Country Code Names Supporting Organization, is an advisory body within ICANN gathering 1stlevel geographic domain registries (ccTLDs).

The ccNSO’s mission is to develop and propose to the ICANN Board a common management policy suited to the needs of ccTLDs. See http://ccnso.icann.org.


Country Code Top Level Domain, Top Level Domain (TLD) designating the extension of a country or territory. It is delegated by ICANN to an administrator under ISO-3166 standard. Exemple : .ma for Morocco.

Creation date

Date corresponding to the registration and activation of a domain name in the registry.

Dispute relating to a domain name

Any dispute made by a natural or legal person about his right to a domain name already registered by another person and included in the « WHOIS » database.

DNS « Domain Name System »

Literally “Domain Name System” : Hierarchical database that allows the mapping between the domain name and the IP address.


Domain Name System Security Extensions, it is an extension of the DNS protocol created to protect of vulnerabilities of the DNS system and attacks such as against the corruption of the DNS cache.

DNS server or name server (NS)

Server used to host the data required for the mapping of IP addresses and domain names.

Domain name

Alphanumeric term consisting of a sequence of characters and a suffix also called extension (Example “domain.ma” or “domain.gov.ma”). To each domain name corresponds an IP (Internet Protocol), and vice versa.

The IP address is the series of numbers that identifies each device connected to the Internet.


<p(Extensible Provisioning Protocol): client-server protocol standardized by IETF, defining the exchange of machine readable messages between a shared registry system (server) and the systems of registrars having access to SRS (clients). See RFC 5730, 5731, 5732, 5733 and 5734. The standard provides for the ability to define extensions.

Forbidden Terms

Registration of these terms as domain names is not allowed. Domain names should not harm national security or public order or be contrary to morals and good customs, and they should not harm religion, language, culture, political opinions or use racist terms.


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is an American non-profit organization in charge of the allocation of the space for Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. It ensures the coordination and management of the allocation of Top Level domain names for generic codes (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD). See :www.icann.org.


IDN or IDNA (Internationalized Domain Names): Standard that defines the coding and certain employment terms of domain names in characters other than 7-bit ASCII, available in the Unicode standard.


IETF (The Internet Engineering Task Force): it is a large international community, informal and open to any individual. It consists of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture. The IETF is involved in developing standards for the Internet, and produces most of the new standards, called RFC (Request for Comments). See www.ietf.org.

National Domain “dot ma”

The root domain in Latin characters, reserved for the Kingdom of Morocco, designated by the « .ma ».domain.

Naming Decision

The decision ANRT/DG/No.12/14 of November 21, 2014 relating to the administrative, technical and commercial management procedures of «.ma» Internet domain names.

Naming zone

Set consisting of a top-level domain (main extension) and one or more second level domains (descriptive extensions).


Organization in charge of, on behalf of ANRT, the technical management of “.ma” Internet domain names, the maintenance of databases and public search services, the operation of servers and the technical support to registrars.


The Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property. See www.ompic.ma.


Any natural or legal person who carried out, with a registrar, the registration and operation of a “.ma” Internet domain name.


Person duly declared to ANRT, in accordance with the regulatory requirements for the provision of value added services and under the naming decision, for the commercialization of “.ma” Internet domain names, the registration of such domain names and the management of related information.


Centralized system at ANRT or the Operator for the management of all operations and information relating to “.ma” domain names. Access to the registry is done primarily by registrars on behalf of their respective clients (Registrants and applicants), to carry out the main operations on the registry. The update of the naming zone and the “WHOIS” service is done automatically from the registry.

Registry website

Website containing a set of information relating to “.ma” domain names, including the whois service, the procedures for registration and management of domain names, and the list of registrars.‬

Renewal grace period

Grace period of thirty (30) days reserved for any expired domain name. The latter can be renewed or cancelled, during that period, by the registrar on his own initiative or at the request of the Registrant.

Reserved Terms

Registration of these terms is subject to special conditions related to the applicant’s identity and rights. The list of reserved terms is regularly updated by ANRT.


RFC (Request for Comments): the “request for comment” is a series of documents on the Internet. RFCs are written on the initiative of technical experts, and are reviewed by the Internet community as a whole.


Naming part preceding the domain name: e.g. “abc.domain.ma” or “abc.domain.gov.ma”.

Technical Contact

It is a natural person designated by the Registrant for the technical management of the domain name. The technical contact must have a valid postal address and an actual e-mail address communicated to the registrar.


Top Level Domain. 1st Level (Internet) Domain. There are two types of TLDs: ccTLDs with a geographical nature as the “.ma” and gTLDs with a generic nature (.com, .net ….).

Validity period of a “.ma” domain name

Period running from its creation date or the last renewal until its expiration date.


Public database service enabling to carry out searches, in order to obtain information about a domain name such as the registration date, the associated physical contacts and the DNS servers.


World Intellectual Property Organization. See www.wipo.int.