What information do you need to provide to your registrar?

The registration system needs a number of information, including the name of the Registrant (natural person or legal person), his/its contact information, administrative and technical contacts and their contact details, the DNS servers and their IP addresses related to the domain name.

Whenever there is a change in this information, you should inform your registrar. The latter has the obligation to make the necessary changes in the registration system within five days from the date of receipt from you.

How to manage your domain name through your registrar?

Please refer to the Management section.

What will happen when the agreement between your registrar and ANRT ends?

When the agreement between your registrar and ANRT ends, there are two possibilities :

  • Another registrar will take over all the domain names managed by your registrar. The latter is obliged to inform you of this take over. You have the right to designate another registrar. The expiration of your domain name remains unchanged.
  • There is no registrar who is taking over: All domain names are temporarily transferred to ANRT. Informed by your registrar or by ANRT, you are invited to designate another registrar to manage your domain name within a period of sixty days. This is necessary as long as ANRT has no authority to manage your domain name.

If you do not designate a registrar within 60 days, your domain name will be deleted.